An arabian stallion pacing. (Done in pencil on parchment.)
Another pretty arabian mare wading through a shallow pond on a breezy day. (Done in pencil on linen-textured paper.)
A tribute to my dear, sweet bald iggle friend Lanakila. (Done in pencil.)
A study of fox heads. (Done in pencil.)
Hoarfrost, a unicorn character from a book I've been planning to write. (Done in pencil on textured paper.)
Herne, the antlered celtic deity, holding his enchanted staff, surrounded by his wolves, with his dragon on his shoulder, his hunting horn and lyre hung by his side and snow-covered Stonehenge in the background. (Done in pencil.)
"Me, Myself and I": A self-portrait plus a couple of alter-egos. (Done in charcoal.)
An elf character from a book I've been planning to write. He's mourning over the death of his pony--his beloved friend and the only companion he had left in the world. He had already lost his gyrfalcon friend, whose spirit still hovers protectively near--as can be implied by the falcon's head shape in the tree branches. (Done in pencil.)
The gryphon is Sperrylite and the faun is Feldspar (yes, he's wearing a dragonskin cloak and his horn is sticking out of the ear); they are companions in a book I'm writing. (Done in pencil.)
A full body study of Feldspar...Rather dashing, I think. ;) (Done in pencil.)
Feldspar again, a headshot this time. Can you tell I had a crush on him? ;) (Done in pencil; paper sustained some water damage.)
Back view of a sileness, built like a faun, but with horse hindparts. (Done in pencil).
Sketchbook pencil drawing done at AC for someone, but I can't recall who.
Sketchbook pencil drawing done at AC for an anthro rat-dragon aquaintance, Draco.
Sketchbook pencil drawing done at AC for my anthro giraffe friend, Lincoln Hightower.
Sketchbook pencil drawings done at CabinCon for Talyn, GrayWolf and Taran.
Sketch doodle for Kamaria, when she came over for a visit. (Sepia filter digitally added.)
A little gift sketch I did for Joon and Wolftale during a furmeet we had at our house. They are both "folfs" (fox-wolf hybrids), she being an artic fox/arctic wolf and he a red fox/grey wolf.
A gift sketch for Mran (a friend of my husband's). He's a somali tomcat.
A quick little furmeet sketch of Yami's fursona, which is part wolf, part arctic fox, and mostly snow leopard. (Pose based on the cougar sketch from J.C. Amberlyn's "Drawing Wildlife" book, and sepia filter was digitally added.)
Snowelf (a winged, elf/lynx "sphynx") keeps silent watch over her domain, perched in a tall, massive pine that overlooks her beloved Northern forest. (Sepia filter digitally added.)
Sketch commission for Fatfred, the anthro asian small-clawed otter.
Sketch commission for Rezzit the gryphon and her fiancé, Artonis the dragon.
Sketch commission for Tenaya Owlcat (a puma with great horned owl wings, feathers and markings)...I named it "The Finer Things" because you can't get much better than a good book, a cup of warm tea, a scented candle and a comfy pillow. ;)
Kitoxa the enzu pauses for a moment on her woodland travels to watch the silent fall of the last leaf of autumn. (Sketch commission plus art trade for Kitoxa.)
This is Catulla, a Moonkin druid from World of Warcraft fishing on the Elywnn Mountain River (though I flipped it around, changed it up some, and added the waterlilies from Lake Ere'Noru). She fell asleep reading her "Loremaster for Dummies" book. XD Personally, I think Moonkins are far too cute for WoW; they look more like they'd belong on the island where the Wild Things are. ;D (Sketch commission plus art trade for Almariel.)
My very first Cintiq sketch! :D (I got a 12" one for Christmas, and am learning how to use it now.) Here's Sayh the Panduck holding on to a huge firecraker, waiting for it to take off (and to go on a joyride), but don't worry; he'll let go before it explodes. ;D Happy 2010, everyone! :D
Happy Easter, everyone! :D A rather deranged-looking Skullbunny is filling in for the Easter Bunny this year, and is bringing everyone gaily-painted femurs! (They're much easier for dead bunnies to carry than eggs.) ;) This is a silly gift doodle for Ragamuffinbunny, who's always been so kind to me, and could use a little cheering up...and it's my second ever Cintiq sketch! :) I had a ton of fun drawing her char in feral form with those skeleton markings, and decorating that bone (patterned after the "sugar skulls" she likes). :D
My hubby requested cute giftart for his friend Nicodemus Rat, and this was the result. :) (Drawn on Cintiq with Sketchbook Pro.)
Pencil sketch commission for Diadexxus, the winged white tigress, shown here beating her wings whilst bounding along to gain speed and momentum for a take-off.
Pencil sketch commission for MalaikaWolfcat, a white wolf/cheetah hybrid, shown here meditating on a grassy, moonlit hilltop.
Pencil sketch commission for Pardus/Felix, of his kookaburra-winged, two-tailed, African leopard playfully rolling and stretching in the snow, whilst daring you to give him a tummy rub. (Come on, you KNOW you want to...He may disembowel you, but that's just the risk you'll have to take...Resistance is futile, you know.) ;) Note: This pose nearly killed me! I don't know if leopards can twist themselves into pretzels like kitties can, but it was a fun challenge to draw! And he looks a bit fluffy because my leopard refs were Amurs...But I guess any leopard living in Norway would have to be a bit fluffier than normal in the wintertime. :)
Sketch commission for the "folfs": Wolftale and her mate, Joon Storm. (Yes, I know the pose is a bit similar to my "Pawfasted" pic, but I thought it suited their chars well.) Those bandaged stumps on Joon's back are all that's left of his wings. I experimented with a different way of detailing fur this time, but I'm not sure I like it as much; I had intended it to look a little windblown, but it just looks shaggy to me, and it was very time-consuming, so I'm not sure if I'll be attempting this technique again.
Sketch commission for Drawinks (, of his char Waka, the goofy, talking lion that tries to imitate human expressions, in spite of not fully understanding human emotions. Therefore, he tends to go a bit overboard...I think this one must be disgust...or something. XD
A quick gift sketch I did for Neifaren and and her mate Pencilpup, drawn in his sketchbook at the London Trocadero furmeet, and kindly scanned by Neif.
Just a quick little doodle I did for our new buddies Etath and her hubby Julien when they came over to visit us. She later scanned it, and I just added a bit of digital editing to it. :)

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