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Tiffany Xenia Eliassen

Last Updated: Aug. 17th, 2009


I am 37 and have been drawing since I was two. Illustrating normal and anthropomorphic animals, fantasy and fairytale figures, religious themes, and designing company logos and mascots are my specialty. However, I have done a wide variety of subjects in various media over the years, including face/bodypainting, woodcrafts, sculptures, papercuttings, gourd art, textile crafts and other custom work. My main artistic inspirations are Celtic and Norse knotwork, Art Nouveau, Medieval heraldry, the Pre-Raphaelites, Victorian Classicism, and the "Golden Age Illustrators". I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Tx, and moved to Norway seven years ago, where I live with my husband, two children and two cats.

Education and Training:

Mainly self-taught, but have had several private art lessons during my youth.
Had art classes every year during elementary school, middle school, and fours years of Honors Art in Richland High School.
Had one year of art training in Tarrant County Junior College, plus a special, one-week course for chosen artists at the Art Institute of Dallas, Tx.

Honors and Awards:

Have won many awards (including "Best of Show") in school art exhibits throughout my school years, as well as in college.
Have won "Best of Show" in an art exhibit at a large Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention held in Dallas, Tx.


Had my work published in the Anno Magasin in Norway (2005).
Was mentioned in a newspaper article featuring the non-profit Circle of Friends organization (of which I was a member in Tx before moving to Norway), who volunteered to paint and sell pumpkins each Fall, and donated the proceeds to the Cook's Childrens Hospital, which runs a charity to help children with cancer.
Had my art featured in school and church newsletters and announcements, as well as in newsletters and fliers for the The Ferret Lover's Club of Tx.
Had my work published in the "Fang, Claw & Steel" magazine, issues #21 and #25.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of
Member of the Guild of American Papercutters
Member of the Wildlife Artists NetLink
Juried gallery at

Related Work/Professional Experience:

Have created a Fire Safety for Children coloring book produced by Security Partners in Tx (which has since gone out of business).
Have made t-shirts, created the logo and illustrated newsletters for the The Ferret Lover's Club of Tx and other volunteer organizations.
Have designed patterns and logos to be placed on childrens' bed linens and clothing for Mazl Tov Exclusives in Tx (which has since gone out of business).
Had my work featured in various themed portfolios along with other artists of similar styles (to be sold at conventions--such as Anthrocon--around the US).
Had my work included in the Pathfinders Deck, along with that of several other artists.
Have designed Christmas cards, the company logo, and custom metalwork for Southwest Log Homes in Tx.
Have created several logos, banners and mascots for various companies and organizations (both in TX and Norway), as well as done some professional website design.
Have worked in a silkscreening shop, cutting ruby and amberlith for color separations (the old-fashioned way), designing logos and graphics for t-shirts, and working the silkscreening press. (Company has since gone out of business.)
Have worked at a printing shop (Jobe's), where I helped with text layout (the old-fashioned way), logo design, and working the printing press.
Have worked at an art framing store, matting and framing prints and original art. (Company has since gone out of business.)
Have worked as a professional facepainter for Hetzer Theatrical Productions in Tx.
Have been commissioned over the years to make many portraits and other figurative/illustrative art for private clients.
Am currently facepainting professionally via Barnasdag in Norway and taking both private and professional commissions for illustrative and design work.

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