Gift Art, Trades & Commissions (Artists: H - M)  

Gift art, trades and commissions done for me by various artists. All artwork is © the artists, whose names are in alphabetical order. Click on a following letter group, and then on any thumbnail to enlarge the image:

A - G / H - M (below) / N - S / T - Z

Pic by HockeyRaven

Pic by Ho'nehe

Pic by Idess

Pics by Illiam/Unisan


Pics by Illucian


Pic by Indigo Flier

Pics by Ishaway


Pic by Jennifer

Pic by Jessie

Pic by JL Anderson

Pic by Joon Storm

Pic by Ka Crow

Pics by Kalamu


Pics by Kamaria


Pics by Kamilya


Pic by Kanawinkie

Pics by Karadarkthorn


Pics by Karena


Pics by Katana


Pics by Kategod


Pics by Katronmaster/Purpurealuna


Pics by Keely Turple


Pic by Kenket

Pics by Kettensage/Dogsoul


Pics by Khangaki/Teyr


Pics by Kimbo


Pic by Kimiko

Pic by KiraDusky

Pic by Kisch

Pic by Kuiwi

Pic by Kit Foxfire/Sakuranym Kit

Pics by Kitoxa


Pic by Koterie

Pic by KreepingSpawn

Pic by Kuroneko Tenshi

Pic by KWSapphire

Pics by Kynekh Amagire


Pic by Layra

Pic by Lavender

Pic by Leiko

Pics by Lemurkat


Pic by Leopardwolf

Pic by Liger

Pics by Likeshine


Pic by Linzys

Pics by Lizkay


Pics by Lmai


Pic by Lore

Pic by LoupGarou

Pic by Lu

Pics by Lullaby Child/Savicorn


Pics by Luve


Pic by Lyosha

Pics by Macawi


Pic by Maggock

Pic by Malaika

Pic by MaliCatt

Pics by Mearu


Pics by Melanippos


Pics by Melskunk


Pic by Mikio

Pics by Mizunoyume


Pics by Molly/Trixi


Pic by Moonfeather

Pic by Moonstone Wind

Pic by Myrror

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