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Last Updated: Jan, 2010

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New in Norway! Add more entertainment to your child's birthday party--even teenagers love having painted "temporary tattoos"! :) Facepainting is also a great attraction at any Halloween costume party, Christmas office party, Renaissance faire, fantasy/sci-fi convention, sports events or any other occasion. Bodypainting sessions for adults (on spandex or skin) and theater-style makeup for performers can also be arranged. I am available on weeknights and weekends, but please book early for holiday events! I can paint animals/animal patterns (as shown above), vines/flowers/fruit, trees, symbols, runes, knotwork, calligraphic letters, logos, seasonal/holiday themes, the four elements, landscapes, celestial scenes, human/fantasy figures, tribal designs/swirls, abstract/geometric patterns, or almost anything/theme you can come up with; but for unusual requests, it helps if I have a picture to work from. Young children (up to age 7) usually like full-face paintings best, mainly of: animals/animal faces, butterflies, princesses, rainbows, hearts, party masks, wings, colorful swirls, balloons, clown faces, flags, fantasy creatures, monsters, aliens, creepy crawlies, holiday themes, vehicles, robots, Spiderman, Batman, etc. Older children and teens usually prefer to have the painted "temporary tattoos" (which can be of anything, including names, painted-on jewelry and even fake "wounds") on one cheek or on their hands, arms, shoulders, necks, backs, bellies, legs, ankles or feet. And of course, for adults, (almost) anything goes! :)

Important notes: Infants should not be painted, for it generally frightens them and they cannot be expected to sit still for any length of time. All other children wanting to be painted must have clean, dry faces (no dirt, sweat or food on them), and should be healthy at the time (no contagious skin conditions, rashes, blisters, acne, sores or cuts on the face, and no coughs or runny noses). I use hypo-allergenic, Snazarroo brand facepaints (which are very easy to wash off), and I thoroughly clean and dry my brushes and sponges after every painting job I do. Parents should plan for at least 5 minutes of painting per each young child and extra time for older children and teens. The more time I have to work, and the less amount of children I have to paint on (and the more they sit still), then of course the more detailed and complex the paintings can be. I prefer smaller, private parties/events in the home or office for this reason. Parents must stand next to their young children being painted (for the duration) to help make sure they sit still enough, to help keep their hair pulled back from their face, to remind them to look in the direction I need them to, and to keep their siblings and friends from disturbing them, me, or my supplies as I try to paint (please understand that I am hired as an artist and not a babysitter). Thank you in advance for your compliance with these requests, so that things can go much more smoothly and quickly for everyone involved. :)

If you wish to book me for a child's/teen's party or event, or for an adult's bodypainting session, please e-mail me (first come, first served). I charge 250kr per hour, for a minimum of 2 hours. If you would like to include a clown who can do magic tricks, sing children's songs and make balloon figures, or have a cute, cuddly, costumed animal character, or even an inflatable, bouncy castle/slide, tent/awning, popcorn machine, or other fun accessories and outdoor activities, all these can be arranged as well. If you would like a reference concerning the quality of my work, I have facepainted for both Barnasdag here in Norway and Hetzer Theatrical Productions when I lived in Texas. My work has also been featured on the cover of the international issue of the "American Face Painter" magazine. For further information about me and my art, please view my resume and portfolio. Photos of some of my face/bodypainting work can be viewed here; thank you for your interest! :)

Take care,
Xenia Eliassen

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