Furry Book List  

These books mainly feature animals as the central or secondary characters, and in most of them, the animals talk or have human-like reasoning--aka "anthropomorphism". Many are suited for juvenile readers, while others are for mature readers only. Books that I own or have read library copies of are marked with a "*"; all the others were recommended to me. (Once I get them all sorted into categories, I will then sort them alphabetically, so please bear with me until then!) Click on any link to view, read about and/or purchase these books from: In Association with Amazon.com Also, if you're an avid furry book reader and have a LiveJournal account, then please join the FurryReaders community! :)



*Baker's Hawk -- Jack Bickham
*Bloom County, Outland & A Wish for Wings that Worked (penguin) -- Berkeley Breathed
*The Book of the Dun Cow & The Book of Sorrows (chickens, woodland animals) -- Walter Wangerin, Jr.
*Firebird & Flights of Fantasy -- Mercedes Lackey
*Jonathan Livingston Seagull -- Richard Bach
*Lady Halcon/Ladyhawke -- Joan D. Vinge
*The Trumpet of the Swan -- E.B. White
*When the Wind Blows (winged genetic mutant birdgirl) -- James Patterson
Birdy -- William Wharton
Callanish, The Stonor Eagles & Skallagrigg -- William Horwood
Kentucky Cardinal & Aftermath -- James Lane Allen
The Longest Flight -- Jeremy Lucas
The Painted Tent -- Victor Canning
The Phasian Bird -- Henry Williamson
The Pilgrim Hawk -- Glenway Wescott
Raven's End -- Ben Gadd
Seabird Nine -- James McVean
Summer Hawk -- Deborah Savage
Wild Goose, Brother Goose -- Mel Ellis
*Hook (hawk) -- Walter Van Tilburg Clark
The Golden Eagle -- Robert Murphy
The Last Eagle & The Killers (hawk, rooster) -- Daniel P. Mannix
Squeak (pidgeon)-- John Brown
The Strange One (goose) -- Fred Bodsworth
The Lost Domain & sequel (owls) -- Martin Hobb
Beak of the Moon (keas) -- ?


Slaughter (bison) -- Elmer Kelton
Bless the Beasts and Children (bison) -- Glendon Swarthout
Red Heifer -- Frank B. Davison


*The Belgariad (wolves, owl) -- David Eddings
*Biography of a Silver Fox -- Ernest Thompson Seton
*The Call of the Wild, White Fang, etc. & Michael, Brother of Jerry (dogs, wolves, hybrids) -- Jack London
*The Fox and the Hound & Wolves of Paris -- Daniel P. Mannix
*The Foxes of Firstdark, Hunter's Moon & Midnight's Sun (foxes, wolves) -- Garry Kilworth
*The Fox Woman -- Kij Johnson
*Franky Furbo (foxes) -- William Wharton
*Hungry for Home: A Wolf Odyssey -- Asta Bowen
*The Last Basselope -- Berkeley Breathed
*The Plague Dogs -- Richard Adams
*Red Fox -- Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
*The Running Foxes -- Joyce Stranger
*Run With the Wind & sequels (foxes) -- Tom McCaughren
*Scruffy (dog) -- Jack Stoneley
*Seeing Eye (guide dog) -- Jack Ellis
*Star Dog -- A.M. Lightner
*Timbuktu (dog) -- Paul Auster
*Top Dog & Dog Eat Dog -- Jerry J. Carroll
*Watchers, Fear Nothing, & Seize the Night (genetically engineered dogs & cat) -- Dean Koontz
*The Dog Who Spoke With Gods -- Diane Jessup
*The White Fox -- Brian Parvin
The Adventures of François (dog) -- S. Weir Mitchell
All the Days Were Summer (dog) -- Jack M. Bickham
Arizona Kiss (dog) -- Ray Ring
Balto the Hero -- Angela Tung
Bark If You Love Me: A Woman-Meets-Dog Story -- Louise Bernikow
Baree, Kazan, & The Bear (wolves, bear) -- James A. Curwood
Because of Winn-Dixie (dog) -- Kate DiCamillo
Bel Ria (dog) -- Sheila Every Burnford
Big Red, Stormy, Wild Trek & Snow Dog -- Jim Kjelgaard
A Black Fox Running -- Brian Carter
The Black Marble (dog) -- Joseph Wambaugh
Black on Black & Stars over Stars (canid-morphs?) -- K.D. Wentworth
The Dogs -- Robert Calder
Boy and His Dog -- Harlan Ellison
Cinnabar, the One O'Clock Fox -- Marguerite Henry
City (dogs) -- Clifford D. Simak
Cry Wild & The White Puma (wolves, pumas) -- R.D. Lawrence
Cujo & Cycle of the Werewolf -- Stephen King
The Cunning Little Vixen -- Rudolf Tesnohlidek
Diplomacy of Wolves series -- Holly Lisle
Dogland -- Will Shetterly
Dogsbody -- Diana Wynne Jones
Dog Stories & The Market Square Dog -- James Herriot
The Dog with Golden Eyes -- Frances Wilbur
Dusty (dog) -- Frank Dalby Davison
Elfquest (wolves) -- Wendy & Richard Pini
Fantastic Mr. Fox -- Roald Dahl
Faithful Ruslan (dog) -- Georgii Vladimov
A Fire Upon the Deep (dog-like furry aliens) -- Vernor Vinge
Flush (dog) -- Virginia Woolfe
Fluke (dog) -- James Herbert
Forest Wars (wolves) -- Graham Diamond
Fox Tales -- Jennifer Taylor
Greyfriars Bobby (dog) -- Forbes MacGregor
The Hound of the Baskervilles -- Arthur Conan Doyle
Howling Mad -- Peter David
Howling series (werewolves) -- Gary Brandner
The Hundred and One Dalmatians & The Starlight Barking (dogs) -- Dodie Smith
The Good Dog -- Avi
The Incredible Journey (dogs, cat) -- Sheila Burnford
Jack -- Frank Walker
Jeremy & Hamlet (dogs) -- Hugh Walpole
Julie and Her Wolves series -- Jean Craighead George
K-9 Corps series -- Kenneth Von Gunden
King (dogs) -- John Berger
Lad: A Dog and sequels, Bruce (dogs) -- Albert Payson Terhune
Lady into Fox & A Man in the Zoo -- David S. Garnett
Lassie Come-Home (dog) -- Eric Knight
The Last Wolf -- Gary Enright
Legend of Wolf Song -- George Stone
The Long Good Boy & The Wrong Dog -- Carol Lea Benjamin
The Loop (wolves) -- Nicholas Evans
Lunatic Cafe & Blue Moon (werewolves, wereleopards) -- Laurell K. Hamilton
Midnight Fox -- Ann Grifalconi
Moon Dark (coyotes) -- Patricia Wrightson
My Dog Skip -- Willie Morris
My Dog Tulip -- J. R. Ackerley
The New Treasury of Great Dog Stories -- Roger A. Caras
A Night in the Lonesome October (dog, various) -- Roger Zelazny
Niki (dog) -- Tibor Dâery
Nop's Trials & Nop's Hope (dog) -- Donald McCaig
Oh Heavenly Dog -- Joe Camp
Old Dog's Guide for Pups -- Allen Appel
Old Yeller & Savage Sam (dogs) -- Fred Gipson
Operation Chaos & Operation Luna (werewolf) -- Poul Anderson
The Pack (dogs) -- David Fisher
Pit's Letter (dog) -- Sue Coe
To Say Nothing of the Dog -- Connie Willis
Shakespeare's Dog -- Leon Rooke
Shawno (dog) -- George Dennison
Shiloh, Shiloh Season & Saving Shiloh -- (dog) Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Selby & Selby Speaks (dog) -- Duncan Ball
The Sight (wolf) -- David Clement-Davies
The Silver Wolf, Night of the Wolf & The Wolf King -- Alice Borchardt
Sirius (dog) -- Olaf Stapledon
Skywater (coyotes) -- Melinda Worth Popham
Something on the Wind -- Barbara Moore
Sounder -- (dog) William H. Armstrong
Spirit Fox (werefox, cat) -- Mickey Zucker Reichert & Jennifer Wingert
The Spuddy (dog) -- Lillian Beckwith
Star in the Storm (dog) -- Joan Hiatt Harlow
Stickeen -- John Muir
Tales of the Wolves series -- Tara K. Harper
Thor (dog, werewolf) -- Wayne Smith
Voice of Bugle Ann -- MacKinlay Kantor
Voyage of the Fox Rider -- Dennis L. McKiernan
Voyage of the Space Beagle -- A.E. Van Vogt
Vulpes the Red Fox -- Jean Craighead George
Where the Red Fern Grows (dogs) -- Wilson Rawls
Wild Angel & Nadya (wolves, weres) -- Pat Murphy
Winter Wolves -- Earle Wescott
A Whisper of Wings (winged fox) -- Paul Kidd
The White German Shepherd -- Vicki Hearne
Wolf and Iron -- Gordon R. Dickson
Wolf at the Door & Wolf in Sheep's Clothing -- Ann Campbell
The Wolfen, Billy & Wild (werewolves) -- Whitley Strieber
A Wolf Story -- James Byron Huggins
The Wolves of Time & sequel -- William Horwood
Malu's Wolf -- Ruth Craig
Wolf-Woman -- Sherryl Jordan
Svaha (coyote) -- Charles De Lint
Women Who Run With the Wolves -- Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Angus: A Memoir (dog) -- Charles Siebert
A Dog's Life -- Peter Mayle
Buster's Diary (dog) -- Roy Hattersley
The Shaman Bulldog: A Love Story -- Renaldo Fischer
Through Otis' Eyes (dog) -- Patricia Burlin Kennedy
Millie's Book (dog) -- Barbara Bush
Thurber's Dogs -- James Thurber
When We Were Real (foxmorph) -- William Barton
Saint Peters Wolf -- Michael Cadnum
Werewolf Trilogy -- Cheri Scotch
Bitten -- Kelley Armstrong
The Compleat Werewolf -- Anthony Boucher
Wilderness -- Dennis Danvers
The Werewolf of Paris -- Guy Endore
Werewolf -- Bill Pronzini
Lila the Werewolf -- Peter S. Beagle
Shadow Of The Beast -- Margaret L. Carter
The Mammoth Book of Werewolves -- Stephen Jones
Women Who Run with the Werewolves -- Pam Keesey
Isaac Asimov's Werewolves -- Sheila Williams & Gardner R. Dozois
Murcheston: The Wolf's Tale -- David Holland
Prince series & Wolf series -- Susan Krinard
The Beast Within (werewolves) -- Cecilia Tan
Wolf Moon -- John R. Holt
The Orphan -- Robert Stallman
After Twilight -- Amanda Ashley
Shadow on the Moon & Shadow of the Wolf (werewolf) -- Connie Flynn
The Passion & The Promise (werewolves) -- Donna Boyd
The Wolf of Haskell Hall -- Colleen Shannon
The Hound of Florence (aka The Shaggy Dog) -- Felix Salten
Hound Dog Moses and the Promised Land -- W.E. Edmonds
The Heart of a Child (dog) -- Phyllis Bottome
The Christmas Tree (wolf) -- Michel Bataille
Good-bye, My Lady (dog) -- Jame Street
The Sick Fox -- Paul Brodeur
My Pets -- Alexander Dumas
Journey of Tapiola (dog) -- Robert Nathan
Teem: A Treasure Hunter (dog) -- Rudyard Kipling
Danny (dog) -- Alfred Ollivant
The House on Bloodhound Lane -- Virginia Lanier
Wizard's First Rule (werewolf) -- Terry Goodkind
A Wizard's Dilemma (dog) --Diane Duane


*Bambi & Bambi's Children -- Felix Salten
*Fire Bringer -- David Clement-Davies
*Greenmantle (morphic stag)-- Charles DeLint
Smith's Gazelle -- Lionel Davidson
The Yearling -- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings


*The Book of Night With Moon & To Visit the Queen (cats, dinosaurs) -- Diane Duane
*Tailchaser's Song (cats) -- Tad Williams
*The Wild Road & The Golden Cat (cats, fox, magpie) -- Gabriel King
*Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats -- T.S Eliot
*The Algonquin Cat -- Val Schaffner
*Solo's Journey (cats) -- Joy Smith Aiken
*The Blood Jaguar (wildcats & others) -- Micheal H. Payne
*Treasury of Great Cat Stories, Mara Simba: African Lion & Panther! -- Roger Caras
*Felidae & Francis (cats) -- Akif Pirincci
*Nero Corleone: A Cat's Story -- Elke Heidenreich
*The Crossbreed (wildcat) -- Allan W. Eckert
*The Runaways (cheetah) -- Victor Canning
Nine Lives to Murder (cats) -- Marian Babson
Cat's Paw -- L.A. Taylor
Fur Person (cat) -- May Sarton
Catfantastic series -- Andre Norton (editor)
The Catswold Portal, Cat on the Edge & sequels -- Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Wish You Were Here, Rest in Pieces & Murder, She Meowed & sequels (cats, various) -- Rita Mae Brown
Lyrec (cats) -- Gregory Frost
Abandoned, Thomasina, Jennie & The Silent Miaow (cats) -- Paul Gallico
Sholan Alliance series (felinoids) -- Lisanne Norman
Forests of the Night & Fearful Symmetries (tiger-morphs) -- S. Andrew Swann
Forest of the Night (feathered tigers) -- Marti Steussy
Cat House & Catamount (cats, puma) -- Michael Peak
Ratha series & Tomorrow's Sphinx (prehistoric wildcats, cheetahs) -- Clare Bell
Cat-A-Lyst (cats) -- Alan Dean Foster
The Gandalara Cycle series (lions) -- Randall Garrett & Vicki Ann Heydron
The Ghattis Tale series (cats) -- Gayle Greeno
Cat Scratch Fever & Cataract (cats) -- Tara K. Harper
The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez -- Simon Hawke
The Keeper's Chronicles (cats) -- Tanya Huff
The Mark of the Cat -- Andre Norton
The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat -- Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
The Cats of Seroster -- Robert Westall
Cat Stories & Oscar, Cat-About-Town -- James Herriot
Catwings series (winged cats) -- Ursula Le Guin
Cat Man -- Edward Hoagland
Three Hunters (leopard) -- William Harrison
The Lion -- Joeseph Kessel
Lion in the Evening -- Alan Scholefield
Red Snow (puma) -- Oliver Lange
The Track of the Cat (panther) -- Walter Van Tilburg Clark
A Tiger for Malgudi -- R. K. Narayan
Harry Black (tiger) -- David Harry Walker
The Black Cat -- Edgar Allan Poe
Murder at the Cat Show -- Marian Babson
The Cat Who... series -- Lilian Jackson Braun
Pride (cat) -- William Wharton
Oh, Susannah! (cat) -- Kate Wilhelm
Pet Semetary -- Stephen King
Demon of Undoing (morphic tigers) -- Andrea L. Alton
Chanur saga (catmen) -- C.J. Cherryh
The Cat Inside -- William S. Burroughs
The Clan of the Cave Bear (lion) -- Jean M. Auel
The Master and Margarita (cat) -- Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov
Cat Karina -- Michael Coney
Cat in a Golden Garland -- Carole Nelson Douglas
The Tiger and the Brahmin -- Brian Gleeson
Starcat series -- Phyllis Gottlieb
Uhura's Song (catmen) -- Janet Kagan
Cat from Outer Space -- Ted Key
Cathouse -- Dean Ing
Outworld Cats -- Jack Lovejoy
Leopard Lord -- Alanna Morland
Night of the Werecat -- R. L. Stine
The Adventures of Samurai Cat -- Mark E. Rogers
Omaha the Cat Dancer series -- Reed Waller
Calvin and Hobbes (tiger plushie) -- Bill Watterson
Shakespeare's Planet (morphic cat) -- Cliffard D. Simak
*Boffin's Journey (cat) -- Bea Nergaard
The Cat Who Went to Heaven -- Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
Niven, Larry -- The Man-Kzin Wars (felinoids)
Gadallah, Leslie -- Oriani series (felinoids)
The Cats of Benares -- Geraldine Halls
Cat's Cradle -- Fritz Lieber
Douglas, Carole Nelson -- Cat in a Leopard Spot
McCaffrey, Anne -- No One Noticed the Cat
Stranger, Joyce -- Chia, the Wildcat
In the Long Dark (cats) -- Brian Carter
The Guardsman (morphic cat) -- P.J. Beese


*Sweet William: A Memoir of Old Horse -- John Hawkes
*Night Mare (spirit horse) -- Piers Anthony
*Traveller (General Lee's Horse) -- Richard Adams
*Black Beauty -- Anna Sewell
*The Horse -- Siegfried Stander
*The Diddakoi (horse) -- Rumer Godden
Big-Enough (horse) -- Will James
National Velvet -- Enid Bagnold
Smokey the Cowhorse -- Will James
Horse Heaven -- Jane Smiley
Horseshoe series -- Marguerite Henry
The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West & Piper at the Gate -- Mary Stanton
The Black Stallion series -- Walter Farley
Florian: The Lippizaner -- Felix Salten
The Horse Whisperer -- Nicholas Evans
Ride a Dark Horse -- Laura Moore
In the Presence of Horses -- Barbara Dimmick
The Donkey's Gift -- Thomas M. Coffey
Joanna and Ulysses (donkey) -- May Sarton
Something on the Wind (mule) -- Barbara Moore
Changespell (werehorse) -- Doranna Durgin
Brumby series -- Elyne Mitchell
Scudda-hoo! Scudda-hay! (mule) -- George Agnew Chamberlain
Evans, Nicholas -- The Horse Whisperer
Smiley, Jane -- Horse Heaven
Kroetsch, Robert -- The Studhorse Man


The Life of Insects -- Victor Pelevin
Cockroaches of Stay More -- Donald Harrington
Violent Stars (spider aliens) -- Phyllis Gotlieb
Starship Troopers (alien bugs) -- Robert A. Heinlein
Riftwar Trilogy (alien bugs) -- Raymond E. Feist
A Rustle in the Grass (ants) -- Robin Hawdon
Nor Crystal Tears (morphic insects) -- Alan Dean Foster
Archy and Mehitabel (cockroach, cat) -- Don Marquis
Still Life With Insects -- Brian Kiteley
Armour -- John Steakley
The Adventures of Maya the Bee -- Waldemar Bonsels
The Camberwell Beauty (butterfly) -- Louis Golding
James and the Giant Peach (various insects) -- Roald Dahl


*Fifteen Rabbits: A Celebration of Life -- Felix Salten
*Rabbit Hill -- Robert Lawson
*Watership Down & Tales from Watership Down (rabbits) -- Richard Adams
*Frost Dancers (hares) -- Garry Kilworth
*The Velveteen Rabbit -- Margery Williams
Bunnicula -- Deborah Howe
Perloo the Bold (jackrabbits) -- Avi
The Magic Hare -- Lynne Reid Banks
Redeeming Factors (rabbitmorphs) -- James R. Lane
The Undesired Princess & The Enchanted Bunny -- L. Sprague De Camp
Who Censored Roger Rabbit? -- Gary Wolf
Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies -- Craig Shaw Gardner
The Year of the Angry Rabbits -- Richard Burroughs

Marine Life:

*Beast, Jaws & White Shark (giant squid, sharks) -- Peter Benchley
*The Last Whales -- Lloyd Abbey
*The Prince of Whales -- R.L. Fisher
*Drowntide (dolphins, others) -- Sydney J. Van Scyoc
*The Year of the Whale -- Victor Scheffer
*Salar the Salmon -- Henry Williamson
*Halic (seal) -- Ewan Clarkson
The Uplift Saga (dophins, chimp) -- David Brin
Day of the Dolphin -- Robert Merle
A Deeper Sea (dolphins, whales) -- Alexander Jablokov
Whale & The Last Salmon -- Jeremy Lucas
Easy Travel to Other Planets (dolphins) -- Ted Mooney
Brothers of the Sea -- D.R. Sherman
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish! (dolphins) -- Douglas Adams
Drifter (seal) -- Daniel P. Mannix
Moby Dick -- Herman Melville
Shallows (whale) -- Tim Winton
*Kotik, the White Seal (The Jungle Books) -- Rudyard Kipling
The People of the Sea (selkies) -- David Thomson
Daughter of the Sea (selkie) -- Berlie Doherty
The Twilight Seas (whales) -- Sally Carraighar
Deep Wizardry (dolphins) -- Diane Duane
The Vermilion Boat -- Sudhindra Nath Ghose
The Plunderers (seal) -- Georges Blond
Operation Malacca (dolphins) -- Joe Poyer
The Dolphins of Pern -- Anne McCaffery
Whalesong, White Whale & Ice at the End of the World -- Robert Siegel


Boomer (kangaroos) -- Denis Clark
Witch and Wombat -- Carolyn Cushman


*Cold Moons (badgers) -- Aeron Clement
*Incident at Hawk's Hill (badger) -- A.W. Eckert
*Marbleheart & Aquamancer (sea otter) -- Don Callander
The Welkin Weasels series -- Garry Kilworth
Wainscott Weasel -- Tor Seidler
Stinker From Space (skunk) -- Pamela F. Service
Tarka the Otter -- Henry Williamson
Samaki (otter) -- Joseph Anthony Davis
Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas -- Russle Hoban
Shaman (morphic otter)-- Sandra Miesel
Expecting Someone Taller (badger) -- Tom Holt
Nightworld (badgers) -- ?


*The White Bone (elephants) -- Barbara Gowdy
*Silverhair, Longtusk & Icebones (mammoths) -- Stephen Baxter
Papa Tembo (elephant) -- Eric Campbell
Gazella & The Curve and the Tusk (eleplants) -- Stuart Cloete
Rosy is my Relative (elephant) -- Gerald Durrell
The Roots of Heaven (elephants) -- Romain Gary
Big Footprints (elephants) -- Hammond Innes
Elephant Song -- Wilbur Smith
Meeting With a Great Beast -- Leonard Wibberley
*Toomai of the Elephants (Jungle Books) -- Rudyard Kipling
Elephant Winter -- Kim Echlin
Footfall (elephantine aliens) -- Larry Niben & Jerry Pournelle
Balook (primitive elephant) -- Piers Anthony


*Ember from the Sun (neanderthal girl) -- Mark Canter
*Waiting (neanderthals) -- Frank M. Robinson
*Almost Adam (neanderthal boy) -- Petru Popescu
*Creature & Guardian (genetic mutant neanderthal-like boys) -- John Saul
The Mayflower trilogy (monkey) -- Orson Scott Card
Congo (gorilla) -- Michael Crichton
Summer of the Monkeys -- Wilson Rawls
The Doomsday Carrier -- Victor Canning
Outbreak -- Robin Cook
Apeland -- Paul Allen
Planet of the Apes -- Pierre Boulle
Scruffy (monkey) -- Paul Gallico
Two by Two: A Story of Survival (monkey) -- David Garnett
Life Story of a Little Monkey -- Ferdynand Antonj Ossendowski
The Monkeys -- Goeffrey K. Wilkinson
Tales of Alien Sex (chimps) -- Ellen Datlow

Reptiles, Amphibians:

*The Flight of the Dragons -- Peter Dickinson
*Raptor Red (velociraptor) -- Robert T. Bakker
*The Dragon and the George & The Dragon Knight -- Gordon R. Dickson
*Farmer Giles of Ham (dragon) -- J.R.R. Tolkien
*Dinotopia & The World Beneath (dinosaurs) -- James Gurney
Anonymous Rex & Casual Rex (dinosaurs) -- Eric Garcia
Dinosaur Summer -- Greg Bear
West of Eden & sequels (evolved dinosaurs) -- Harry Harrison
War With the Newts -- Karl Capek
Jurassic Park & Lost World -- Michael Crichton
Turtle Diary -- Russell Hoban
Relic (reptilian mutant) -- Lincoln Child
Dragonstone -- L. Dennis McKiernan
Acres, Mark -- Dragon War
Dexter, Susan -- Warhorse of Esdragon series
Asprin, Robert Lynn -- Another Fine Myth (dragon, unicorn)
Edwards, Graham -- Dragoncharm
Fletcher, Susan -- Dragon's Milk
Gardner, Craig Shaw - Dragon Circle
Gunnarsson, Thorarinn -- The Dragonlord Chronicles
Hood, Daniel -- Fanuilh & Scales of Justice
Lynn, Elizabeth A. -- Dragon's Winter
MacAvoy, R.A. -- Tea With the Black Dragon & The Grey Horse
McCaffrey, Anne -- Dragonriders of Pern & Freedoms Landing
Pinkwater, Daniel M. -- Lizard Music
Preiss, Byron -- Dragonworld
Radford, Irene -- The Dragon's Touchstone
Rowley, Christopher -- Bazil Broketail
Sawyer, Robert J. -- Far-Seer (evolved dinosaurs)
Wenzel, David -- Backyard Dragon
Wrede, Patricia C. -- Dealing With Dragons
Yolen, Jane -- Dragon's Blood
Toolmaker Koan (morphic dinosaurs) -- John McLoughlin
Dragoncharm series & Stone Wall series (dragons) -- Graham Edwards
Dragons of the Cuyahoga -- S. Andrew Swann


*The Deptford Mice trilogy -- Robin Jarvis
*The Ralph Mouse Collection -- Beverly Cleary
*Silverwing & Sunwing (bats) -- Kenneth Oppel
Stuart Little -- E.B. White
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH -- Robert C. O'Brien
Doctor Rat -- William Kotzwinkle
The Song of Pentecost & sequels (mice, fox) -- W.J. Corbett
The Mouse and His Child -- Russell Hoban
Duncton Wood Chronicles (moles) -- William Horwood
Poppy & sequels, Ereth's Birthday (doormice, porcupines) -- Avi
Homecoming saga (evolved bats and rats) -- Orson Scott Card
Racso and the Rats of Nimh & sequel -- Jane Leslie Conly
Play Little Victims (mice) -- Kenneth Cook
Animist (rat, others) -- Eve Forward
Rats, Bats & Vats -- Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Mus of Kerbridge & Rats of Acomar -- Paul Kidd
King Rat -- China Mieville
Year of the Rat -- Andre Norton
Wharf Rat -- Miska Miles
The Coachman Rat -- David Henry Wilson
The Tale of One Bad Rat -- Bryan Talbot
A Rat's Tale -- Tor Seidler
Shadow Walkers (water rats) -- Russ Chenoweth
Abel's Island (mice) -- William Steig
The Rat -- Gunter Grass
Gooseberry Park (squirrel) -- Cynthia Rylant
Manxmouse -- Paul Gallico
Flowers for Algernon (mouse) -- Daniel Keyes
Winter Diary of a Country Rat -- Peter Firmin
Maus: A Survivor's Tale -- Art Spiegelman
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (mice) -- Douglas Adams
Hoeye, Michael -- Time Stops for No Mouse & The Sands of Time
Zone Yellow (morphic rats) -- Keith Laumer Cadwallader (rat) -- Russell Lynes
Perri: The Youth of a Squirrel -- Felix Salten
The Witches (rats) -- Roald Dahl
Moomintroll series (capybara-like creatures) -- Tove Jansson
Mieville, China -- Perdido Street Station (rats)


*Babe: The Gallant Pig & Ace: The Very Important Pig (pig, dogs, sheep, duck, cat) -- Dick King-Smith
*Charlotte's Web (pig, spider, rat) -- E.B. White
*The Pig Plantagenet (pig, boar, dog, wolf) -- Allen Andrews
*Animal Farm (pigs, donkey, horses) -- George Orwell
*A Day No Pigs Would Die -- Robert Newton Peck
Book of Three/Chronicles of Prydain (pig) -- Lloyd Alexander
State Fair (pig) -- Phil Strong

Unicorns, Gryphons, Satyrs, Centaurs, Minotaurs:

*The Griffin and the Minor Canon -- Frank R. Stockton
*Satyrday -- Steven Bauer
*The Last Unicorn, Immortal Unicorn & The Unicorn Sonata -- Peter S. Beagle
*Unicorns & Unicorns II -- Edited by Jack Dann & Gardener Dozois
Unicorns of Balinor series -- Mary Stanton
The Black Unicorn -- Terry Brooks
Unicorn Chronicles -- Bruce Coville
Gryphon -- Crawford Kilian
The Golden Gryphon Feather -- Richard Purtill
The Magic and the Healing (gryphons, centaurs) -- Nick O'Donohoe
Beyond the North Wind (gryphons) -- Gillian Bradshaw
A Griffin in the Garden -- Elsa Marston
The Crystal Gryphon, Gryphon in Glory & Gryphon's Eyrie -- Andre Norton
The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon & The Silver Gryphon -- Mercedes Lackey
Boyett, Steven R. -- Ariel (unicorn)
Lee, John -- The Unicorn Quest
Lee, Tanith -- Unicorns & Black Unicorn
L'Engle, Madeline -- A Swiftly Tilting Planet series (centaur, unicorn)
Varley, John -- Titan (centaurs)
Bull God (minotaur) -- Roberta Gellis


*Shardik (bear) -- Richard Adams
Sharla (polar bear) -- Budge Wilson
The Bear Went over the Mountain -- William Kotzwinkle
The Architect of Sleep (evolved raccoons) -- Steven R. Boyett
Nomads of the North (bear) -- James Oliver Curwood
Bear -- Marian Engel
On Dangerous Ground (bear) -- Lamar Underwood
Right to Arm Bears -- Gordon R. Dickson
The Motherless (bear) -- Bert Bengt
Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! & Hokas Pokas! (teddybear-like aliens) -- Poul Anderson


*The Wind in the Willows & sequel (vaious) -- Kenneth Grahame
*Redwall series (various) -- Brian Jacques
*The Animals of Farthing Wood series (various) -- Colin Dann
*Dragon winter (otters, badgers, beavers, bear) -- Niel Hancock
*The Jungle Book & sequels, Just So Stories (various) -- Rudyard Kipling
*Sandeagozu (coatimundi, sankes, macaw, langur) -- Jahann V. Jenner
*The Chronicles of Narnia (various) -- C.S. Lewis
*The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus (brer rabbit, brer fox, brer bear, et al) -- Joel Chandler Harris
*Wonderful Wizard of OZ series (lion, tiger, others) -- L. Frank Baum
*Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass (rabbit, gryphon, cat, et al) -- Lewis Carroll
*The Hobbit (wolves, eagles, dragon) -- J.R.R. Tolkien
My Side of the Mountain & Far Side of the Mountain (falcon, weasel) -- Jean Craighead George
Brain Wave (various) -- Poul Anderson
The Night of Wishes (cat, raven) -- Michael Ende
Animorphs series -- Katherine A. Applegate
Chronicles of Cheysuli (various) -- Jennifer Roberson
Fool on the Hill (dogs, cats) -- Matt Ruff
Sanctuary (woodland animals) -- Paul Monette
Animal Instincts (various) -- Alan Titchmarsh
The American Journal of Anthropomorphics -- by Darrell Benvenuto
Immortals series, Protector of the Small series & Wild Magic series (various) -- Tamora Pearce
Quest For The Faradawn (various) -- Richard Ford
Fur -- Jeremy Lucas
Harry Potter books (owl, various) -- J. K. Rowling
Spellsinger series (various morphs) -- Alan Dean Foster
Medea -- Harlan Ellison (various)
*Unlikely Ones & sequels (various) -- Mary Brown
*Crow and Weasel -- Barry Lopez
The Oaken Throne (squirrel, bat, badger) -- Robin Jarvis
Pullman, Philip -- His Dark Materials series (various)
Smith, Cordwainer -- Norstrilia & The Rediscovery of Man (felinemorphs, others)
Lethem, Jonathan -- Gun, With Occasional Music (kangaroomorph, others)
Crispin, A.C. -- Starbridge series (various)
Crowley, John -- Beasts
Ende, Michael -- The Neverending Story (horse, wolves, furry dragon, others)
Greenberg, Martin Harry -- Animal Brigade 3000 (various)
Holbrook, Bill M. -- Kevin and Kell (wolves, rabbit, porcupine, bat, fox)
Houlihan, Patrick F. -- The Animal World of the Pharaohs
Kelly, Walt -- Pogo
Lofting, Hugh -- Doctor Dolittle
Mayhar, Ardath -- Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey (furry aliens)
Tuning, William -- Fuzzy Bones
McDonnell, Patrick -- Mutts
McKillip, Patricia A. -- The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
McKinley, Robin -- Beauty
Milne, A.A. -- The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh (plushies)
Nye, Jody Lynn -- Taylor's Ark
Piper, H. Beam -- Little Fuzzy
Sendak, Maurice -- Where the Wild Things Are (monsters)
Wells, H. G. -- The Island of Dr. Moreau (various)
William, Tuning -- Fuzzy Bones (fuzzy aliens)
Fur Magic (various) -- Andre Norton
Quozl (fuzzy aliens) -- Alan Dean Foster
The Secret of the Round Beast (various) -- John Forrester
The Star Beast -- Robert A. Heinlein
Chronicles of the Cheysuli -- Jennifer Roberson
The Woodstock Saga -- Micheal Tod
House of Tribes (mice, owl, rat) -- Garry Kilworth
Obernewtyn series (various) -- Isobelle Carmody
Billy Thunder and the Night Gate (dogs, goat) -- Isobelle Carmody
Ranma 1/2 (various) -- Rumiko Takahashi
Someplace to be Flying (various animal deities) -- Charles De Lint
Crown of Dalemark (various) -- ?

Unsorted/Unlinked Fiction (If you know what categories these go in, please tell me!):

Alwyn, Cynthia G. -- Scent of Murder
Anvil, Christopher -- Pandora's Planet
Arnason, Eleanor -- Ring of Swords
Barnes, Simon -- Miss Chance
Barrett, Neal -- Aldair series
Besher, Alexander -- Mir: A Novel of Virtual Reality
Betancourt, John -- Rememory
Blunt, Wilfrid -- Omar
Brust, Steven -- Brokedown Palace
Bryant, Ed -- Cinnabar
Burnford, Sheila -- Bel Ria
Butler, Octavia E. -- Dawn
Carver, Jeffrey A. -- Star Rigger's Way
Chalker, Jack L. -- Midnight at the Well of Souls
Chester, Deborah -- The Golden One
Ciencin, Scott -- Lost City
Cleary, Melissa -- Murder Most Beastly
Cole, Allan -- Sten Adventures
Cook, Rick -- The Wiz Biz
Conley, Robert J. -- Friends of Thunder
Daley, Brian -- Gammalaw
Deitz, Tom -- Above the Lower Sky
DeLint, Charles -- Ascian in Rose
Farmer, Philip Jose -- The Stone God Awakens
Fawcett, Bill -- Guardians of the Three
Forstchen, William R. -- Wing Commander
Freas, Frank Kelly -- A Seperate Star
Furey, Maggie -- Aurian & Harp of Winds
Gallagher, Diana G. -- The Alien Dark
Green, Gerald -- Girl
Greenfeld, Josh -- Harry and Tonto
Harris, Anne L. -- Accidental Creatures
Hughart, Barry -- Bridge of Birds
Huff, Tanya -- Blood Trail
Jacobson, Mark -- Gojiro
Kahn, James -- World Enough and Time
Kelly, James Patrick -- The Messenger Chronicles series
Kurtz, Katherine -- The Legacy of Lehr
Lally, Soinbhe -- A Hive for the Honeybee
Le Guin, Ursula K. -- Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight
Like, Russel C. -- After the Blue
McCaffrey, Anne -- The Lady
Meyers, Richard S. -- Doom Star
Mosley, Walter -- Blue Light
Norton, Andre -- Forerunner & Breed to Come
Peterson, Beth -- No Turning Back
Pohl, Frederik -- O Pioneer
Pournelle, Jerry -- The Children's Hour
Rosenthal, Chuck -- Elena of the Stars
Silverberg, Robert -- At Winter's End
Smith, L. Neil -- Forge of the Elders
Smith, Terrie -- Little Paw
Somtow, S. P. -- Darker Angels
Spencer, William Browning -- Resume With Monsters
Springer, Nancy -- Metal Angel
Stallman, Robert -- The Book of the Beast
Stranger, Joyce -- Rusty
Swanwick, Michael -- The Iron Dragon's Daughter
Swycaffer, Jefferson P. -- Become the Hunted
Thompson, Colin -- Future Eden
Thompson, Kate -- Switchers
Vinicoff, Eric -- The Weigher
Wylie, Jonathan -- Servants of Ark series



*The Peregrin Falcon -- Robert Murphy
*That Quail, Robert -- Margaret A. Stanger
*Gifts of an Eagle -- Kent Durden
Owls in the Family -- Farley Mowat
A Hummingbird in My House -- Arnette Heidcamp
The Parrot Who Owns Me -- Joanna Burger
The Goshawk -- T. H. White
Red-Tails in Love (hawks) -- Marie Winn
Ravens in Winter & One Man's Owl -- Bernd Heinrich


The Longhorns -- J. Frank Dobie


*The Dog Who Wouldn't Be & Never Cry Wolf -- Farley Mowat
The Wolfling -- Sterling North
Beautiful Joe (dog) -- Marshall Saunders
Colter & The Ninemile Wolves -- Rick Bass
Arctic Wild (wolves) -- Lois Crisler
The Dog Who Rescues Cats -- Philip Gonzalez
In the Shadow of a Rainbow (wolf) -- Robert Franklin Leslie
Shunka: Life With an Arctic Wolf -- Marika Lumi Morgan
The Dogs Who Came to Stay -- George Pitcher
Josh: The Story of a Wonderdog -- Richard Lynn Stack
The Barney Years (dog) -- John D. Rucker
Wild Dogs Three -- Dr. Michael W. Fox
Underdog -- Joe Camp
The Rufus Chronicle (dog) -- C.W. Gusewelle
Fitzgo: Wild Dog of Central Park -- Paul Wilkes


*Tara, a Tigress -- Arjan Singh
*The Elsa trilogy, The Spotted Sphynx & Pippa's Challenge (lions, cheetahs) -- Joy Adamson
*Pride's Progress (lions) -- Emmy Haas
*A Lifetime With Lions -- George Adamson
Last of the Free & With My Soul Amongst Lions -- Gareth Patterson
All My Patients Are Under the Bed -- ?


Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies -- Ginger Kathrens
Phar Lap (Thoroughbred series) -- Geoff Armstrong
Seabiscuit -- Laura Hillenbrand

Marine Life:

*A Seal Called Andre -- Harry Goodridge
*Seal Morning -- Roweena Farrev
Journey of the Pink Dolphins -- Sy Montgomery


*Ring of Bright Water (otter) -- Gavin Maxwell


*An Elephant Called Slowly -- Ernest Dudley
*Modoc (elephant) -- Ralph Helfer
*Among the Elephants -- Iain & Oria Douglas-Hamilton
*Elephants in the Living Room, Bears in the Canoe -- Earl Hammond
Elephant Memories -- Cynthia Moss
The Cowboy and His Elephant -- Malcolm MacPherson
Eye of the Elephant -- Mark & Delia Owens
Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants -- Katy Payne


Gorillas in the Mist -- Dian Fossey
Next of Kin: My Conversations With Chimpanzees -- Roger Fouts
Through a Window (apes) -- Jane Goodall
The Year of the Gorilla -- George B. Schaller
Kanzi (orangatan) -- Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
Reflections of Eden -- Birute M. F. Galdikas
The Education of Koko (gorilla) -- Francine Patterson
Aye-aye and I (lemurs) -- Gerald Durrell


*Paddy (beaver) -- R.D. Lawrence
*How Do You Spank a Porcupine? -- Ronald Rood


*The Bears and I -- Robert Franklin Leslie
*Rascal & Raccoons are the Brightest People (raccoons) -- Sterling North
*Frosty: A Raccoon to Remember -- Harriet E. Weaver


*Animals You Will Never Forget -- Reader's Digest
*The Lady and Her Tiger (various) -- Pat Derby
Wild Animals I Have Known -- Ernest Thompson Seton
All Creatures Great & Small series (various) -- James Herriot
Lives of the Hunted (various) -- Ernest Thompson Seton
Zarafa: A Giraffe's True Story -- Michael Allin
Cry of the Kalahari (lions and hyenas) -- Mark & Delia Owens
The Africa Diaries (various) -- Dereck & Beverly Joubert

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